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I am not from what you would call your normal candidate. My background is eclectic but is a result of circumstance and adapting to being repeatedly kicked by the system, more than it is a personal choice.

My first love is, and always has been engineering. I have qualifications in Engineering, Aeronautics, Electrical Mechanical Engineering, Electrics, Electronics, IT, Fabrication and Welding, all of which was in preparation for a career which I was unable to fully enter due to ill health and becoming carer for my mother who has M.S.

I can fly gliders and a single engine aircraft, drive a motorcycle, quad or trike, or a JCB, but don’t have a car license.

I stopped labelling myself as one thing many moons ago and because of my voluntary work with disabled people decided to apply my engineering mindset to tackling both physical and paper-based problems. I am guided by knowledge, science, maths, and engineering.

Garnering an experience in the laws surrounding benefits and the internal processes of the DWP I have managed to assist over 360 people in 10 years with navigating the benefits system. Simultaneously I have applied my engineering skills to designing adaptations to assist disabled people physically.

I love to invent things. My mind works differently from most people and while yes, sometimes that has a deficit in social circumstances, it has given me the ability to notice small details, to judge a situation based on the empirical evidence, to think critically about myself and the world, and to learn technical skills which allow me to continue to do new and interesting things. At this moment in time, you are reading this on a website designed by me, on a server in my own office which I built with my own two hands. I have been dismantling electronics in some form or another since I was 5, simply to find out how it works. This was great for me to learn, not so great for the parents who came home to find their blender in 20 pieces. Although putting it back together also teaches you something.

In life, I have fallen out of the tree and hit every single branch on the way down, but those experiences while negative, give me a perspective of the world, sorely missing in politics.

I am a fierce proponent of individual sovereignty, whether that be the right to have a say at a local level, or whether it be the constitutional question of Scotland’s independence. I have led teams to challenge some of these questions legally. I am currently engaged in legal action over the 2 million people denied the £20 COVID uplift.

I have arranged marches and rallies in pursuance of the right to vote on the constitutional question. I challenge the Government daily on the rights of carers and the disabled. I have managed to gain consensus between all 5 parties at Holyrood and I have had policies adopted by Governments and turned into real world benefits.

I despise bullies, however big they think they are, and irrespective of how much power they think they have. I’m a true believer in the European Convention on Human Rights. I believe that the sole purpose of an elected representative is to represent the needs and wants of the people who elected them, not to serve their own agenda. I believe in equality.

All of this I have done because it was the right thing to do and because I have wanted to do it.
I consider myself a polymath, which put in simple terms is the want to learn something new every day.

I bring a completely different perspective to the local council if elected, not just my 10 years’ experience as a carer, or of navigating all the pit falls of the system as both carer and as someone with a disability. Instead, as an engineer with the mindset that every problem has a solution, and all that is required is some out of the box thinking.

By applying my experiences to being a councillor, I believe I could be one of the fiercest advocates West Fife could have, and I hope that you will lend me your vote on 5th May.


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April 2011

Volunteer Benefits Advisor

Since 2011, Martin has been assisting people with benefit claims and appeals and thusfar has assisted over 360 people.

April 2011

Civil Rights Activist

Martin campaigns for civil rights for disabled people and carers. His 2015 paper on reformation of carers allowance led to the creation of Carers Supplement

June 2011

Head of Yes International

Martin was responsible for the administration of a package of different multi-lingual campaign routes to take news about Scotlands independence to the international community.

May 2012


Since 2012, Martin has been a carer for his mother who has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

May 2015

Forth rail link

Martin has been campaigning for, and managed to get consensus from all 5 parties at Holyrood to bring Rail Services to West Fife.

Jan 2015

Head of Forward as One

Since 2015 Martin has headed Forward as One, a pro-independence Association which organises pro-independence events in the central belt.

Dec 2019

Peoples Action on Section 30

Martin led a team attempting to establish the constitutionality of a second independence referendum without consent from Westminster.


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